Aging in Place

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In-Home Consulation at No Charge

There is a growing desire and necessity for the aging population to remain in their homes to live out their lives. Home modifications should be made in order to accommodate the changes that may or may not take place later in life.

Home modifications can be a great way to accommodate the changes that accompany aging so that you can remain safely and independently in your home. Be kind to yourself. You deserve to live out your life in comfort. Being proactive is a necessity.

Here is an example why. You take a fall and end up in the hospital. In order to be released to go home there has to be an in-home evaluation inspection. They don’t find your home acceptable to return home until changes have been made. You scramble to get it done, perhaps paying more, and it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. Please read my article on Universal Design.

OHCIH, LLC performs a thorough assessment of your home by helping develop a plan. We will help with hiring, coordinating and overseeing the various contractors who perform the necessary renovations in order for you to comfortably and safely age-in-place.