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Senior Moves

Making Senior moves easier & less stressful for older adults

You’ve lived in your home 15+ years and now you’re moving into something much smaller. You’ve accumulated so much stuff and now face the daunting task of downsizing.

We’re here to help! Licensed and Insured.

When it comes to moving you or your elderly loved ones to a new home, you need a Senior Move Manager … someone that not only performs efficient and safe services, but also truly listens and cares about the unique needs of its customers.

Overwhelmed How Can I Help is uniquely qualified for all of your senior move needs. We are committed to your absolute satisfaction and happiness. We’re experts at senior moves, downsizing and de-cluttering, and are able to help you tame that house of stuff, so you can get on with what is important to you in life.

All our moving staff is trained and experienced, so you can feel peace of mind during the entire process. You or your loved one will be treated with kindness, respect and care at all times.

If you’re looking for reliable and friendly senior moving in Northern, VA, we’re here for you.

Senior moves

As trained and experienced Senior Move Managers by the National Association of Senior Move Managers and Home Specialist (NASMM), we have a whole arsenal of resources to pull from. We are prepared and ready to help you move. We work efficiently, quickly and comprehensively. We understand that senior moves are personal and we strive to maintain our clients’ dignity and autonomy.

Moving from a well-loved, well lived-in home that’s filled with a lifetime of belongings and cherished memories can be overwhelming for anyone. For the older adults, this process can become daunting and complicated.

Senior moves service

As Senior Move Managers we manage as much or as little as you choose to have done.

We offer the following personalized services:

  • Plan, prepare and coordinate your entire move. We handle all aspects of your move.
  • Packing and unpacking of household items. Unpacking of items happens in one day. (Please read FAQ #10 – What happens on Move In Day?)
  • Utilize a CAD program to duplicate floor plans in your new home. You’ll know what furniture will fit and where it will go.
  • Prepare home for sale by de-cluttering and organizing. Staging of existing furnishings at no additional charge. (Please read Judy J.’s Testimonial.)
  • Assist with disconnecting and reconnecting services — phone, cable, electronics, mail, and more.
  • Empty the entire contents of the house. Total house cleanouts.
  • And more!

Why choose a Senior Move Manager?

Moving to a new home is stressful for anyone. More so, senior moves, for an older adult with a lifetime of memories, treasures and history. When you have a professional Senior Move Manager work on your behalf, your move (or that of a loved one) will be so much easier.

As NASMM certified move managers, we help assure the quality, ease and comfort of our moving service clients. We strictly adhere to the NASMM standards to maintain our accreditation. We’ve also signed and adhere to the NASMM code of ethics, which include:

  • Advocacy and Loyalty to the Client
  • Promoting Self Determination
  • Right to Privacy
  • Avoiding Conflict of Interest
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Continuing Education

The NASMM started in the 1990’s to help older adults reduce the size of their homes, by providing services that make it easier to downsize from larger, family homes. This could include moving to an apartment, condo, smaller traditional home or even moving in with family members.

Making moves easier

In order to make your move as smooth as possible, many Senior Move Managers will work with local, trusted moving companies or other professionals in our local area. We do this to ensure you are getting the absolute best service and attention!

If you’d like to learn more about why you should hire a Senior Move Manager, please read “Why hire a certified Senior Move Manager.”

Full-service Senior Move Managers

We are here to help the moving process be easier, not only for older adults, but also for the families that care for them. We have the training and experience to provide not only the physical act of moving, but to also be there as emotional support to seniors and their families.

How to get started

We suggest working with us a few weeks, if not months, prior to your move. We will help you make those decisions about what stays and what goes, what can be auctioned, donated, and shipped, or what should be gifted or discarded when you move. We work efficiently, quickly, and comprehensively. We understand that senior moves are personal, and we strive to maintain our clients’ dignity and autonomy.

By starting early, you can avoid a documented condition called Relocation Stress Syndrome or Transition Trauma. (Read more about Relocation Stress Syndrome at Elder Care ABC Blog.)

Northern Virginia Senior moving company

As members of the NASMM (National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers), our goal is to ease and enhance the relocation process for seniors in the Northern Virginia areas we serve. We are centrally located and ready to serve older adults and their families in the following areas:

  • Arlington
  • Alexandria
  • Annandale
  • Fairfax
  • Loudoun
  • Prince William
  • Fauquier
  • Fredericksburg
  • Woodbridge