Senior Moves

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In-Home Consulation at No Charge

You’ve lived in your home 15+ years and now you’re moving into something much smaller. You’ve accumulated so much stuff and now face the daunting task of downsizing. We work with realtors,
clean-out companies, appraisers, antique dealers, donation sites, home repair specialists, moving companies and more.

We have a whole arsenal of resources to pull from depending upon what your needs are. We work efficiently, quickly and comprehensively. We understand it’s personal and we strive to maintain our clients’ dignity and autonomy. Moving from a well-loved, well lived-in home that’s filled with a lifetime of belongings and cherished memories can be overwhelming for anyone. For the aging population this process can become complicated.

We suggest working with us a few weeks prior to your move. We will help you make those decisions on what stays and what goes; what can be auctioned, donated, and shipped, gifted or discarded. By starting early you can avoid a documented condition called Relocation Stress Syndrome or Transition Trauma. You can read more about Relocation Stress Syndrome at Elder Care ABC Blog. As Senior Move Managers we manage as much or as little as you choose to have done.

We offer personalized services:

  • Plan, prepare and coordinate your entire move. We handle all aspects of your move.
  • Packing and unpacking of household items. Unpacking of items happens in one day. Please see
    FAQ #10 – What happens on Move In Day?
  • Utilize a CAD program to duplicate floor plans in your new home.
    You’ll know what furniture will fit and where it will go.
  • Prepare home for sale by de-cluttering and organizing. Staging of existing furnishings at no additional charge. Please see Gretchen’s Testimonial.
  • Assist with disconnecting and reconnecting services — phone, cable, electronics, mail and more.
  • Empty entire contents of house. Total house clean outs.
  • And more!


For more information see Why hire a certified Senior Move Manager.