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We have the training, experience and skill set to assist with all aspects of the following services:

Senior Moves

You’ve lived in your home 15+ years and now you’re moving into something much smaller. You’ve accumulated so much stuff and now the daunting task of downsizing. We work with realtors, appraisers, antique dealers, donation sites, contractors, moving companies and more.

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Aging in Place

There is a growing desire and necessity for the aging population to want to remain in their homes to live out their lives. Home modifications should be made in order to accommodate the changes that may or may not take place later in life.

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Helping Siblings & Loved Ones

Many of our clients are the adult children or other loved ones of seniors. However, as much as the family members want to help, it can be geographically impossible. Their careers, family obligations, and physical limitations could also add to an already stressful situation. Because of my own experience with my parents, I understand that you become emotionally attached to things, which can lead to spending hours being nonproductive, and may lead to making a bad decision.

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White Glove Moves

We are here to serve you as much or as little as needed within your time frame. We work efficiently, quickly, and comprehensively. We understand and we are here to maintain our clients’ dignity and autonomy. We are not movers. We are trained to pack and unpack. We are specialists here to listen to your instructions and provide a quality service beyond that of any moving company.

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Organization & Staging

Your home should feel like your sanctuary. Do you feel stressed when you open a door to a certain room or closet? Do you avoid inviting people into your home? What do you feel when there is a knock on your front door?

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Estate Sales and Liquidation

This is where our partnerships bloom. Moves are always difficult no matter the circumstances, and it is significantly more difficult to deal with the contents of the home after the onset of a serious illness or the death of the family member. Whatever the circumstances, preparing to sell the home in the midst of sadness and loss may be unavoidable, and disbursing a lifetime of possessions at this time is an emotionally draining experience. Our focus is to minimize the stress. At Overwhelmed How Can I Help? LLC we will walk you through the emotional process of separating your items. We will help you determine what you will keep, sell, donate, or discard. Our goal is to maximize your return on whatever you have - jewelry, crystal, coins, stamps, antiques or collectibles.

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