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In-Home Consulation at No Charge

Your home should feel like your sanctuary. When you open a door to a certain room or closet do you feel stressed? Do you avoid inviting people into your home? What do you feel when there is a knock on your front door?

Your home is your sanctuary, your space. Clutter and disorganization can create powerful feelings of frustration, anxiety, and paralysis. We can help you transform the rooms of your home into peaceful spaces that function well to support the activities that happen in them, instead of hampering them. We’ll take care of whatever in your home needs organizing and get it done. Our goal is to create a more functional, peaceful and harmonious environment that reduces your stress and results in greater comfort. We will spend the time with you explaining ways you can maintain a clutter-free space, and if needed provide periodic visits.

If keeping holiday traditions is important, then look no further.  We would be glad to decorate and then take down and put away your interior decorations at the end of the season.

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