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Organization / Staging

A professional organizer & staging expert helps you keep your home easier to live in and ready, if you want to sell.

Over the years, we all collect so many things. Some we need; some we don’t. There are even things that we think we’ll need, and then it works out that they weren’t as needed as we originally thought they were.

Are the closets in your bedrooms always messy? Is your garage or basement an assortment of disorganized ‘stuff’ you’ve collected over the years? Do your kitchen counters fill up because they have become the ‘catch all’ for your mail and things in daily life?

How do you feel when the doorbell rings?

At Overwhelmed, How Can I Help LLC, our goal is to help you make your home easier to live in (without the clutter) or to get it ready to sell, if you are so inclined.


Home organizing

Home organizing is simply a system for arranging and establishing the items in your home in a way that is proper and methodical. It is about functionality, ease of use and convenience. Our schedules, our time, and our lifestyles may not give us the ability to take the time needed to set up those systems in our own homes. This is where we step in!

Our specialists at Overwhelmed, How Can I Help? will do just that! We will come up with proper systems that not only function well for you but will also look appealing and provide you with a stress-free environment. You’ll know where everything is, and everything will be in its place.

There are many spaces in a house that home organization can help you in your daily life, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Pantries
  • Closet organizing
  • Game rooms
  • Home Offices
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundry areas
  • Garages
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • And, more.


Our simple 3-step home organization process

We can get it organized! We will use a simple 3 step process with you to achieve the order you
have been longing for.

  1. First; we will work with you to discard any unwanted or displaced items
  2. Secondly; together we will determine the best use of that place and then
  3. Thirdly; customize that space that best works for your needs

All of this sounds simple but having a professional help you organize your home can reduce so much stress you may have in daily life; more than what you’re aware of. Don’t put it off any longer. Your home should be that place of tranquility that you have always imagined!


Our home organizing process

On our first visit to your home, we will talk to you about your favorite colors, styles and achievement goals. We will review each room, make notes, and then create a list of recommendations to help improve the organization of your rooms. The changes we specify will not only help increase the usability of your home spaces, but also help provide a relaxing and calming space for you and your family.

Many times, during the organizing process, people decide they would like new storage ideas, different furnishings, or other items to increase how organized their home can look. We’re happy to make suggestions, and talk about home shopping options. In today’s technological world so much can be done by way of the internet.


What will a professional organizer do?

When you invite a professional organizer into your home to help you, we’ll take the time to:

  • Talk with you about problem areas of your home (clutter, access, etc.)
  • Specific issues you may be experiencing
  • Discuss the functionality or efficiency you would like to have

Once we’ve done some analysis in your home, we’ll design a great system for you and your family to use, so your home works much better for you. Not only will your newly organized home be easier to live in, but it will also be much more enjoyable and relaxing and it will reduce the stress associated with being in those unorganized spaces.

Home staging

If you are looking to create the perfect space for entertaining, to sell your home or just improve the overall look and feel of your home environment, then home staging is a great solution.

One important fact to note is that furnished, staged homes sell faster. We will reorganize your furnishings, lighting, wall hangings and accessories to ensure each room has the right touch to make it look great. We also will declutter and depersonalize (in the case of a home for sale), so it will allow potential buyers to have a great first impression and envision themselves in your home.

Home staging services vary by type, style, and size of homes. We will create the right plan that works for you, your property and family.

On the first visit we will tour your house to discuss the changes that need to take place, as well as pointing out the repairs and furniture relocation. Changes that will help accentuate and maximize the space of your property so that prospective buyers realize its full potential and value.


Our home staging process

On our first visit to your home, we will review each room, make notes, and create a list of recommendations to help improve the overall ‘feeling’ of each room. These changes will not only help increase the appeal of the rooms, but also will increase the feeling of comfort and neatness. Ultimately this work will increase the chances that someone will want to spend time in your home. (I.e., As a buyer or guest.)

During the staging process, we will make suggestions and have discussions around:

  • New or different furnishings or art
  • New or different accessories
  • Storage and organizing ideas
  • And, more

Many times, during a home staging project, additional work will come up, such as painting rooms, wall repairs, cleaning, landscaping, or simple modifications. We can help ensure that each of these are done with the help of our professional network of providers. Or, maybe it means investing 30 to 40 thousand dollars in modifications in order to get back maybe 100 thousand upon the sale of your house. Bridge loans can be discussed.

If keeping holiday traditions is important, then look no further.  We would be glad to decorate and then take down and put away your interior decorations at the end of the season.

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