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Estate Liquidation

This is where our partnerships bloom. Moves are always difficult no matter the circumstances and it is significantly more difficult to deal with the contents of the home after the onset of a serious illness or the death of the family member. Whatever the circumstance preparing to sell the home in the midst of sadness and loss may be unavoidable and disbursing a lifetime of possessions at this time is an emotionally draining experience. Our focus is to minimize the stress.

At Overwhelmed How Can I Help we will walk you through the emotional process of separating your items. We will help you determine what you will keep, sell, donate or discard. Our goal is to maximize your return on whatever you have - jewelry, crystal, coins, stamps, antiques or collectibles.


Liquidating an Estate can involve:

  • Find important documents needed as we sort through the contents of the house.
  • Manage and coordinate the process whether you live in state or out of state.
  • Itemize your tangible items by providing you with a list needed for probate.¬†We can also arrange for the appraisal of items from outside sources if needed.
  • Identify the best means to sell things -- estate sale, auction, dealers, etc.
  • Arranges to ship or move items to family members.
  • Prepare the home to go to market and then to close upon sale.


We provide total house clean outs.


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