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Motivation Needed

"Thank you so much for your help. It was the jump start I needed to get the unwanted items out of my home."

Barb Middleburg. VA July 12, 2022

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$30K over asking price.

"It’s packed !!!... minus a few things. The family room remains as staged. I need just one room to be comfortable until the final move. This room may be the last to go. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate all you’ve done with this back breaking move, especially since I had no idea what was hidden in our storage area. Your support and encouragement has gotten me through a very difficult time. I feel like I can breathe again. I am so thankful the Lord led me to you 4+ years ago at Suffield Meadows and kept you in my memory to call when the time was right. The Lord has blessed you with a very special gift…one that few individuals can provide and do it so well."

Judy J. Edinburg, VA July 12, 2022

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It was a Joy

"It has been my joy to know and work with you [Barbara] and your team!

I could not have made this move without you! I hope your travel plans will include a trip to Wisconsin; I'd love to have my clan meet you!!

With appreciation and affection."

Joan A. Oshkosh, WI July 12, 2022

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I really cannot say enough about the wonderful members of Barbara’s team!

"Barbara and her Overwhelmed? How Can I Help staff were the single most helpful resource I used in a recent move.  We were working with a short time frame when our home sold much more quickly than anticipated and the moving process was complicated by us being out of state much of the time.  Our transition involved moving some items from our home of 20 years to a small apartment across town, some to the family home in Texas, some to auction, some to donate and much just clearing out of 20 years of homework papers, too small clothing, books, memorabilia etc.  Barbara’s team helped organize, clear out, sort and pack.  They transformed what seemed to be an overwhelming task into a do-able job.  And they did it with kindness, support, efficiency and clear-headed organization.  I really cannot say enough about the wonderful members of Barbara’s team! Every day when they arrived I could just feel my blood pressure lowering! Additionally, Barbara was a terrific source of additional resources: an auction and clean out company, movers, access to cleaners and handymen—anything that was necessary to complete this task.  Moving is hard, anxiety-producing work, OHCIH helped carry the load."

Karen Gainesville, TX January 5, 2021

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Over a 2 year period

"I used White Glove Moving Solution to relocate from my single family home to an Independent Living apartment in the same area. I was very impressed from the start as Alonso did an excellent job of communicating well before the move. I also used "Overwhelmed, How Can I Help" to assist me in right-sizing my possessions to fit into my apartment. Both of these companies worked together to ensure that after my move was complete, I was able to simply move in and start living. They helped to unpack all of my belongings, assembled furniture and set up everything that they could. These companies were truly "full service" and capable of doing anything asked of them. They even helped complete the move-out cleaning in my single family home. I thoroughly enjoyed working with both White Glove Solution and Overwhelmed, How Can I Help LLC and would recommend them to friends that are also looking for a Move Management Company.”

Lora K. Woodbridge, VA November 16, 2020

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I'm Grateful to Barbara and Her Team

"My parents had their home built and lived there happily for 17 years. Then, a series of events resulted in my Dad moving to assisted living while my Mom landed in a different rehab facility. Once they vacated the home, it fell to me to get it cleared out and ready to sell. Barbara and her team were truly a lifesaver in this project. While I only had a vague idea of what was in the house, and no idea as to what to do with all of the stuff, Barbara and her crew came in and were able to sort through the house, separate trash from treasure, and bring in the resources needed to empty the house of furniture, clothing, and decades worth of accumulated items.

During this process, the team found my Dad's high school ring, socks filled with rolled coins and credit cards that were scattered throughout the home. Most special of all was a strand of pearls that was the one thing my Mom let me 'borrow' for my wedding day, and which I had never seen since. I have no idea where they found it, but I was thrilled to have this necklace located and not lost in the process of clearing out the house. They finished in a couple of weeks, a project that would have taken me and my husband several months to accomplish. I'm grateful to Barbara and her team for caring for a lifetime's accumulated treasures just as if it were their own home's contents."

Ann Jeffersonton, VA October 23, 2018

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Home transitioned like I have never seen before!

"My experience with 'overwhelmedhowcanihelp' started with acknowledging the name of the company. If for no other reason, just to call and share just how overwhelmed you are about anything, should be stress reducing enough. The owner, Barbara, would gladly listen, even if she could not help out after all. I was introduced to Barbara through another resource and I am ever so thankful it happened.

She and her team transitioned a home like I have never seen before. Not only was it spotless, when all was said and done, but along the way they paid close attention to detail and what really mattered. In the midst of all the clutter, they still managed to keep myself and my client updated on everything that was taking place; where items were being moved too, down to the new mail that had been accumulating. She even took care of getting movers and securing a storage unit, so that my client could remain worry free. I say with certainty, that if it were not for her help, professionalism and ultimate strategy, we would not have been able to sell the home so quickly.

Most importantly, my client's ability to downsize as planned and cover the cost of her new living arrangements also would have failed. So Barbara, I thank you and your team immensely and truly happy that people like you exist! Organizations that do the type of work that you do, need a lot more praise and recognition. I hope this is a start..."

Jihan S. Owner & Eldercare Consultant, Davenport Senior Connections, LLC October 23, 2018

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The Staging Helped Sell Our House

"We did sell the house and I have no doubts at all, it was because it was so beautiful. Everybody who came through just said 'how beautiful the house was.' That had so much to do with all of you and all of your hard work, so thank you again! You and your team were wonderful to work with.

I cannot thank you enough."

Gretchen Reston, VA August 21, 2018

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