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White Glove Moves

White Glove Moves help make moving easier.

We are here to serve you as much or as little as needed, within your time frame. We work efficiently, quickly, and comprehensively. We understand that moving is personal, and we strive to maintain our clients’ dignity and autonomy.
We are not movers … we are specialists. We listen to your instructions and provide a quality service beyond that of any moving company however, a moving company will have to actually move your furnishings. We work well with several well-known moving companies.. No matter where you are moving, we have the resources to take care of any of your moving needs.


We are NASMM Certified

NASMM (National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers) is a national organization dedicated to the ever-growing needs of others. Working with other like-minded Move Managers allows us to handle your move into Virginia or across the country. No matter where you are moving, we can provide you with a CAD floor plan showing the furniture and its placement in your new home. From floor rugs to pieces of art, by working with the Move Manager at the other end, we’ll take care of the logistics and other details involved in your move.

Imagine you enter your new home, and it’s totally organized. No moving boxes, beds made, kitchen set up, even the coffee pot plugged in. Your china cabinet can be unpacked and set up to look exactly like it did before we packed it or anything else. The best part is that YOU do not need to be there when the moving company arrives. We are able to manage the entire move-in process.

Do you need a list of those tangible items you own for probate? Do you need items appraised? We will provide you with the probate list and can arrange for an outside appraisal service if needed.

What is white glove moving?

White glove moving refers to the services that provide an exceptional and ‘hands-off’ moving service for their customers. That means a “white glove” moving service goes beyond a traditional moving companies services. It entails a level of detail and service that most moving companies are not able or not willing to provide.


White glove moving vs. traditional movers

Most moving companies will transport your belongings from point A to point B. Some will pack your belongings; others will just put them in a truck. Some will unpack your belongings at your new location, but it stops there. Most companies offer the most basic services, while others offer a little bit more in terms of packing, handling, and care. It is easy to look at a few ads and find a range of moving services.

The truth is most moving companies have very little in common, other than driving a truck to its destination. The majority are not white glove moving services. Most companies do little more than haphazardly put your treasured items in a box and get them to a destination. It’s all buzz and marketing; no real effort or credibility.


White glove moving is a different experience

Think about this … moving day comes and you are expectant of a smooth transition to your new home. A mover shows up and asks why your belongings are not packed appropriately. Or, they ask an array of questions about how they are supposed to pack things or how they should be shipped. Have you ever heard of a moving company packing your waste receptacle with the trash in it? That is not a ‘white glove’ experience.

Most moving companies offer the same range of services. Obviously, some are different than others, but by and large there is little difference. Full-service movers offer a wide variety of services, from packing to unpacking to handling specialty items. But, they all have the same thing in common:

They don’t handle every aspect of a move to your specifications.

A White glove moving is unique and special, since they provide services that a traditional mover does not.

White glove moving is better

When it comes to a white glove moving, you can’t beat the service and experience. A White glove move offers services that are not chosen by most people and can be considered prestigious. And why not? You deserve it.
For instance, a white glove mover move may:

  • Provide total home cleanouts – The home you are leaving will be totally cleaned out and broom swept as required by the realtor or new homeowner.
  • Electronics setup – Disconnecting electronics can be a pain. Not to mention reconnecting when you get to your new house. You’ll likely want some music or TV in your new home. We can arrange that to happen. We manage and supervise the installation the same day we move you into your new home.
  • Furniture placement – Furniture placement – We have a CAD computer system that will help with the placement of furniture. We also have experience with staging, placement, and organization of household items. See Gretchen's testimonial.
  • A white glove move assures you that there will be no surprises. Our color coding system makes that full proof. Your new home is set up as you envisioned.
  • Hanging pictures – If you’ve ever hung a picture before the furniture was ‘just right', you’ll know that it doesn’t always work out as well as expected. With a white glove move, we will help you place everything in your home to your specifications, from furniture to pictures to appliances.
  • Handling the important items – There are many folks who have a need to ensure that the packing, handling, and even storing of important items is done correctly. From art to wine collections to antiques, you want to ensure your priceless items are well taken care of. With a white glove mover, we can help you do that no matter where they are being shipped.


Overwhelmed How Can I Help (OHCIH,LLC.) offers white glove moving services

There are many legitimate moving companies; some do good work, and some offer specialty services. However, most do not offer the “white glove” moving service approach. At OHCIH, our white glove service approach makes sure every detail is taken care of and that your move is as painless and stress-free as possible.