We CAN Handle the Truth: The Facts on Alzheimer’s

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“Denial is the worst form of the truth.”

During the time it takes for you to read this piece, try to put your denial impulse aside and take a hard look at the truth about Alzheimer’s. Because the fear that causes you to deny things – like our risk of getting this mind-blowing disease – can actually be the motivator you need to stop ignoring the facts and join me in doing something about it.

So here’s the truth: Our brand new WebMD and Shriver Report Snapshot: Insight into Alzheimer’s Attitudes and Behaviors, reveals that almost all of us (96%) have heard of Alzheimer’s disease … so we can no longer deny that it exists. Nearly 4 in 5 of us know, or have known, someone that has been diagnosed with it, which tells us that the vast majority of us not only know about it, they actually have experience with someone who has had or is living with Alzheimer’s.

But even with all of that first-hand experience, we aren’t doing much about it. Although 67% of people say they would actually like to know their risk for getting Alzheimer’s disease, when offered a list of ways to do that, more than 1 in 4 say they wouldn’t do any of them. Although two-thirds acknowledge that an Alzheimer’s diagnosis would cause their family great financial harm, nearly half say they have never considered the financial implications if they, or someone in their family, were to get the disease.

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