Talking To Siblings About Elderly Parent Care

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You and your siblings have been at odds ever since you were young and stole each other’s toys. Of course, your parents were always there to break up the fights, but now you are adults, your parents have become elderly and suddenly you are the ones in charge. Sibling conflicts don’t end when your parents become dependent on your help, but its important to work together to create a plan for your elderly loved one’s care.

Start fresh. Now is not the time to resurface old grudges or unflattering stories. While it might be hard to leave entrenched roles behind, try to wipe the slate clean and find common ground.

Be flexible. It’s hard to bend when it comes to something as important as your mom or dad’s quality of life, but realize that your sibling feels the same way about your parent, even if they have a radically different opinion. Decide to respect each other’s opinions in decision-making processes.

Be honest. In generations past, one sibling often assumed the role of caretaker for aging parents. However, adults today usually have demanding jobs and fast-paced lifestyles that are harder to adapt to full-time parent care. Communicate honestly with your siblings about your personal limitations and offer potential alternatives.

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