Five Alternative Ways to “Talk” With Someone Living with Dementia

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Alzheimer’s is a serious neurological disease that essentially robs a person of their very identity! Memories are distorted and skills compromised by this grim disease.

But perhaps the most frustrating challenge is trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone with Dementia.

Language, real reciprocal dialogue, is distinctly unique to humans!

When it is compromised by Alzheimer’s Disease, emotional connections with others can wither.

Language requires very complex and intricate neurological skills. What is said has to be accurately processed by the brain and then a verbal response has to be conceptualized and executed to complete the reciprocal dialogue loop. This all occurs in milliseconds.

Before probing, prodding and praying for one more “Hi,” one more “Yes” to “Do you remember me?” or an accurate response to “What’s my name?” there are better, alternative methods for continuing “communication” other than words!

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